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Prof. dr. ir. Cees T. A. M. de Laat
Systems and Networking Lab
Informatics Institute, Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam
Science Park 904, room C3.152, NL-1098 XH Amsterdam
PO-Box 94323, 1090 GH Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  - Affiliate Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.
Phone: _ +31205257590 _



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N 52°21'10", E 4°57'19"
Cees de Laat


The complexity of man made systems on all scales is my research field. Cyber Infrastructure is rapidly evolving from relatively simple fixed components to programmable and virtualized objects with many degrees of freedom, owned and operated by different entities in multiple administrative connected domains on the Internet. Harnessing this complexity in a transparent trust-able way for safe and secure data processing is a major research topic that nowadays defines the focus in my research.

At the same time I lead the Systems and Networking Lab that conducts  research on leading-edge computer systems of all scales, ranging from global-scale systems and networks to embedded devices. Across these multiple scales our particular interest is on extra-functional properties of systems, such as performance, programmability, productivity, security, trust, sustainability and, last but not least, the societal impact of emerging systems-related technologies. Our approach to research is a practical and engineering-oriented one that regularly involves the design, implementation and maintenance of prototypical tools and proof-of-concept applications that demonstrate and promote our research results. The SNE laboratory is closely working together with the SNE Master (www.os3.nl), Software Engineering Master (SE) and the Computer Science Master (CS) programs to disseminate knowledge through education. For more information see: Systems and Networking Laboratory (SNE).

sne lab


2018-11-10 EU EOSC project approved: "FAIRsFAIR", UvA participation led by Yuri Demchenko.
EU H2020-INFRAEOSC-2018-2020 project approved: "ENVRI-FAIR - ENVironmental Research Infrastructures building Fair services Accessible for society, Innovation and Research", by Zhiming Zhao (WP lead), Paul Martin, Spiros Koulouzis, Paola Grosso

EU H2020-ICT-2018-2020 project approved: "ARTICONF - smART SocIal media eCOsytstems in a blockchaiN Federated environment" by  Zhiming Zhao (WP lead), Paul Martin and Paola Grosso

NWO Infrastructure medium project approved: "DAS-6: A distributed research ecosystem for trusted data analytics", Cees de Laat, Adam Belloum, Paola Grosso and Ana Varbanescu

NWO/C2D DATA2PERSON project approved: "EPI - Enabling Personalized Interventions." by Cees de Laat (PI), Sander Klous (co-PI), Tom van Engers, Leon Gommans and Paola Grosso.

2018-05-23 Best Paper Award. Catalin Bogdan Ciobanu, Giulio Stramondo, Cees de Laat, Ana Lucia Varbanescu, "MAX-PolyMem: High-Bandwidth Polymorphic Parallel Memories for DFEs", RAW 2018 workshop at IPDPS, http://raw.necst.it/

NWO TOP project approved: "AVVA: Accelerated Verification and Verified Acceleration.", by Rob van Nieuwpoort (co-PI) and Pieter Hijma.

2018-05-09 Session organized by Cees de Laat (chair) at Internet2 Summit, San Diego,  May 9, 2018; "Digital Marketplaces Using Novel Infrastructure Models."

Industrial project with Equinix and KLM approved: "DMAAS: Digital Market As A Service (phase 1)", Cees de Laat, Leon Gommans and Paola Grosso.

SURFnet project approved: "DOOS - DTN, Open hardware, Open Software and evolution", by Paola Grosso.

LexisNexis Best Paper Award (2) 2018, Wouter van Haaften, Tom van Engers, Robert Meijer: "A Normative Systems Perspective on Autonomous Systems: The Future of Driving"

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Current Projects

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Completed Projects

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